Did you know our movement has documents that outline who we are and what we do? 

One of those documents is called the Charis Commitment to Common Mission (CCCM). This morning our delegates voted to amend the CCCM. The new changes help clarify our theologies of planting churches, training leaders, and doing good. 

Then we looked at the Apostle Paul’s third missionary journey to see how churches should relate to each other. There was a divide between the Jewish churches and the Gentile churches, but Paul taught them to proactively and voluntarily help each other. That’s how we want to operate today.

We also got to hear how God is at work in a handful of our countries. Our church in Germany has an archery outreach. Our church in Cameroon has a clean water project. Our churches in Argentina sent a missionary to Colombia. We are so grateful to be a part of what God is doing through our brothers and sisters around the world!