1708: Movement Begins in Germany

Alexander Mack founded the Brethren Movement in Schwarzenau, Germany.

The original eight Brethren.

1719: First Wave of Immigration to America

Early Brethren in America

Building of the first Brethren in America.


1900: Mission Efforts Begin

Plaque commemorating the organization of the Foreign Missionary Society of the Brethren Church (known today as Encompass World Partners) in Winona Lake, IN.

Plaque commemorating the organization of the Foreign Missionary Society of the Brethren Church (known today as Encompass World Partners) in Winona Lake, IN.

1909: Argentina

In front of the Grace Brethren Church in Rio Cuarto, Bible coach workers prepare for a tent meeting in 1932.

Leadership Training at the Brethren Bible Institute in Argentina.


1918: Central African Republic

Brethren missionary James Gribble and family

One mission research center listed the Central African Republic as the most evangelized country on the planet.


1949: Brazil

Missionary Bill Burke and his boat the Vamos, used to spread the Gospel to islands on the Amazon River.

Ministry began in the city of Belem, near the mouth of the Amazon. Efforts later expanded south to the city of Uberlandia and the surrounding region.


1951: Mexico

Efforts in Mexico began along the border with the United States, and later expanded south to Mexico City.

A Bible Institute was founded in 1960, providing training for pastors and leaders.

1951: France

Efforts centered around the Chateau de Sait-Albain.

Baptisms at the Chateau.


1966: Chad

Graduates of the Chadean School of Evangelism.

Evangelist Dadjé Samuel, founder of the Chadean School of Evangelism.

1968: Germany

Missionaries Roger and Nancy Peugh began holding Bible studies and worship services in their home.

A Church was planted in the city of Stuttgart, and later another began in Leonberg.


1980: United Kingdom

British youth at summer camp.

Grace Bible Fellowship of Solihull, England (Easter 1983).

1984: Japan

Ministry in Japan began in Hoya City (Greater Tokyo).

NorthStar, a mountain lodge in the Japanese Alps, seeks to reach the Japanese through extreme sports and outdoor activities.

1984: The Philippines

Greater Manila Church Meeting.

Celebrating 10 years of Grace Brethren Churches in the Philippines.

1987: Uruguay

José and Titi Palacios, the founders of the Grace Brethren movement in Uruguay.

Beginnings in the Shangri-la neighborhood ministry in 1988.


1994: Charis Gathering in Saint-Albain, France

Charis coordinator Florent Varak of France leads the Charis gathering at the Chateau de St. Albain.

Charis delegates discuss topics of common interest.

Charis delegates discuss topics of common interest.

The Participants of the 1994 Charis Gathering.

1996: Canada

Baptism at the Grasslands Church in Medicine Hat, Alberta

An outreach event organized by Renew Church of Toronto

1996: Charis Gathering in Toronto, Canada

International delegates and Encompass staff arrive at the 1996 Charis Gathering.

The Participants of the 1996 Charis Gathering.

1997: Cambodia

Ministry in Cambodia began through a partnership between Vek Huong Taing and Grace Brethren Missions.

Outreach has extended from larger cities to the surrounding villages.

1998: Chile

The missionary team in Curico, Chile, 2006.

Meeting in homes, 2006.

1999: Charis Gathering in Carlos Paz, Argentina

The Participants of the 1999 Charis Gathering.

Delegates from Latin America and Africa at the 1999 Charis Gathering.


2002: Ireland

Crossroads Church of Dublin.

People interested in exploring the gospel meet in café discussion groups in Dublin.

2003: Cameroon

Evangelist Delphi Wilingang and school of evangelism students in Toubouro, Northern Cameroon.

A crew from the Church of Santa Barbara, Yaounde, builds a bridge as a way to reach out to their community.

2006: Nigeria

President of Churches Enoch Kolarambaye and Evangelist Clison Djendode pose with school of evangelism students.

2017 Woman's Conference in Nigeria.

2008: Charis Gathering in Bad Homburg, Germany

The Participants of the 2008 Charis Leadership Encounter.

The theme of the encounter was “Faithful Stewards of God’s Grace,” based on 1 Peter 4:10.

2009: Bahamas

Leaders of the Bahamian Charis Alliance signing charter documents.

Pastors and leaders celebrate the formation of the Charis Alliance of the Bahamas.


2010: Charis Gathering in Saint-Albain, France

The Participants of the 2010 Charis Gathering.

Members of the Charis Steering Committee.

2015: Charis Gathering in Bangkok, Thailand

The Participants of the 2015 Charis International Leadership Encounter.

Delegates discuss the Charis Commitment to Common Identity.