From their humble beginnings to their global footprint today, the churches of The Charis Alliance share a common quest — to faithfully and creatively represent God’s Son and God’s Word among the diverse cultures of our world. The movement began in a small German village in 1708, when eight men and women committed to creating a church faithful to the teachings of the New Testament. Persecution soon forced them to immigrate to North America. Over the centuries, the movement morphed, divided and grew, so that today it is represented by churches and outreach efforts in thirty-three countries. While individual churches and groups of churches maintain their autonomy, The Charis Alliance provides a platform for these churches to pursue matters of common benefit and interest.

What do we believe?

In 2015, at an historic meeting in Bangkok, Thailand, delegates representing 19 countries met to finalize a fresh expression of the core beliefs of our global movement. The Charis Commitment to Common Identity follows a unique format and is divided into three sections. Section One affirms our unity with the global Body of Christ. Section Two affirms our agreement with the main tenets of historic Christian orthodoxy and the global evangelical movement. Section Three summarizes some unique convictions and practices we’ve developed in our quest to faithfully live out the teachings of the New Testament in our world today.

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What do we do?

In 2008, at an historic meeting near Schwarzenau, Germany (the birthplace of our movement), delegates from 15 countries met to explore ways to foster greater cooperation in ministry. The result was the Charis Commitment to Common Mission, which outlines our mutual commitments to church planting, leadership development and ‘doing good’ in our communities. Whether on the local, regional or international level, the members of The Charis Alliance seek to share their experience and resources, and to partner with one another in ministry.

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What lies in the future for the Charis Alliance?

Since the first international gathering in 1994, the leaders and churches associated with The Charis Alliance are laboring together to forge a common mission and common identity. These efforts are bearing fruit in the form of regional and international communion, cooperation and mutual care. Progress is both remarkable and encouraging, especially when one considers how Charis is a decentralized movement, with no formal headquarters or paid leadership. Our commitments to biblical truth, biblical relationships and biblical mission provide a foundation upon which to build a bright future.

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