The Charis Alliance entered Latin America in 1909 through the pioneering efforts of church planters sent to central Argentina. A second wave of workers entered northeast Brazil in 1949 and northwest Mexico in 1951. More recently, Latin America churches took the initiative to establish outposts in Guatemala (1983), Uruguay (1986), and Chile (1999). Over the years, Bible Institutes and local leadership training programs equipped pastors and church planters to serve in Latin America and beyond. Church associations Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico host strong summer camp programs and send missionaries to other countries.

Currently in Latin America there are approximately seventy-five churches associated with the Charis Alliance, along with dozens of Points of Light. Latin Americans are leading the way in mobilizing their congregations to meet the practical and spiritual needs of their local communities, and they can always be counted on to bring joy, laughter, and spontaneity to any regional or international encounter!

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