The Charis Alliance first entered North America in 1718 as religious refugees fled persecution in Europe and sought freedom in the New World. Despite the challenge of adapting to the harsh realities of life as pioneers and settlers, the members of this group multiplied through their growing families as well as their outreach into neighboring communities. In 1900, they launched a mission agency, known today as Encompass World Partners, which has deployed over 700 full-time workers to other continents to plant churches, train leaders, and do good in communities. Other USA-based initiatives have sent workers to Canada (1996), Haiti (2005), Trinidad (2006), and the Bahamas (2011).

Currently in North American and the Caribbean there are about 300 churches associated with the Charis Alliance, and 50 Point of Light. Multiple supporting organizations help contribute to the health of churches both at home and overseas. They include a university and seminary, several church planting and church renovation ministries, a publishing ministry, initiatives to equip men, women, youth, and children, a military chaplains ministry, and Encompass World Partners. North Americans contribute experience, training and organizational expertise, and financial resources to the Charis Alliance.

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