Good morning from Kenya! We have two big goals for our meetings today:

First, we want to refine and improve the Charis Commitment to Common Identity (CCCI). The CCCI is a document describing who we are as members of the Charis Alliance. Modifying it will require our leaders to understand its origin, structure, and purpose, and then vote to modify it.

Second, we want to describe our stance on biblical gender roles. We call our stance “affirmational complementarianism.” After describing “affirmational complementarianism,” we want to equip our leaders to develop ways to encourage, support, and celebrate the unique and indispensable roles of women in the family, church, and community.

Pray for God to give our leaders a clearer sense of our identity as we refine the CCCI. And pray for God to be glorified in our churches by the way both genders express His attributes differently.